Consultant vs. Coach


We're often asked, "What's the difference between hiring you as a consultant and a coach?". By definition, neither is better than the other. Both fulfill two slightly different roles when it comes to the professional advice that is offered. Below is a brief description to help you decide which is better suited for your needs. 


FXP Athlete Consulting

Often times, an athlete requires less hands-on work to straighten out their nutrition and fueling regimen. Many of our clients already do a great job of managing their nutrition, but either need guidance in specific areas, or new ideas on how to step up their program to get more out of it. Sometimes their travel schedules will change dramatically and they need help planning to make sure their performance doesn't suffer from those changes.  Other times, a new competition schedule will require substantial adjustments in their nutrition to help them recover and perform optimally through those competitions. For coaches and administrators who already have nutrition strategies implemented, a consultant can help to refine that system and provide creative ways to get the team or organization to have a higher rate of compliance, and thus success. Whatever your case may be, the Consulting package is our TIER II program and most suitable for those looking for straightforward expert solutions to their nutrition and fueling challenges, without the need for additional support or coaching to implement them successfully.

FXP Athlete Coaching

Our coaching services offer a more hands-on approach to not only the planning and programming of your nutrition and fueling, but also the IMPLEMENTATION of the programs we provide. There are countless individual differences among the athletes we serve- getting to know and understand those differences is often times what enables us to help our athletes truly benefit from the programs we create for them. This can only happen with the deeper level of our Coaching Loop: Communication, Application, Feedback, and Adjustment. Enter, our nutrition and fueling coaching program.  If you never thought you could have a professional dietitian on your team, think again... this is where we REALLY excel. Our staff is well versed in high level compeition- we understand the training, mindset and demands that are required to compete at the highest level, and this experience is what helps us, help you. After all, you could have the perfect program in your hands- but if you can't implement it, it's useless.

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