In-Person or Remote Coaching


In some components of an athlete's training team, there is nothing like having your coach there in the same room with you, coaching and cueing you live as you're performing your training. Luckily these days technology has come far enough where we can get pretty damn close to that experience (although not exact). However, when it comes to coaching from a Sports Dietitian, you're in luck- THERE IS NOTHING LOST in comparing in-person coaching with remote coaching for your nutrition and fueling (if done properly).


Techniques Are Behaviors

One of the helpful aspects that make remote coaching for the FXP Athlete System so effective is that the techniques and habits that the client needs to be able to implement in order to be successful with our system, are simply BEHAVIORS. Unlike the need to correct form or function for your sport coach, your Sports Dietitian is coaching the habits, technique, substance and actions through your behavior- so how do we do this? We use a method of pre- and post-action coaching, not unlike that of most sport coaches.  However, your sport coach is usually required to coach you through each training session- which can last minutes and hours. We coach in meals, days, weeks and months of behavioral expressions. It's not that the time frame makes it any easier to coach- but the mechanism is equally as effective remotely, as it is in-person because our coaching takes place before and after those meals, days, weeks and months- not during each meal.

This is one of the primary reasons we feel that a powerful point-of-reference (that is, having enough experience to be able to effectively relate to our clients' unique situations) is so important in what we do. 

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