Short or Long Term


In The Long Term

A common question is, "Why would I need a sports dietitian all year around?". Our simple answer is, "For the same reason you want the best sport coach all year around". Optimizing your potential as an athlete (and as a human) is a collaboration of so many different ingredients. Truly being your best isn't about an event, or a season- it's more about a process.  Although people often measure an athlete by short term results, the athlete, coach and everyone involved knows that it's much more than that. If you can be good in a few months, you could've been great with a few years- and amazing in a few more. When it comes to nutrition and fueling, TIME a true ally. It affords us to build in systems for our clients that not only help them to experience short term results, but more importantly, long term success. The last thing you want to do as an athlete is be good when you could've been great.


In The Short Term 

Whether you need us to help you make the last minute weight change because you got the call late, or to help you plan out next year's performance of a lifetime, we've got you covered. Let's face it... sometimes as an athlete everything happens at once and the bottom line is that you have to be ready when opportunity strikes. 

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